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It is not a secret for many that 1Win does not have a license for gambling activities in the Russian Federation, but this does not mean that the 1WIN betting company is illegal. 1 wine is licensed by Curacao, therefore it conducts legal activities in the CIS countries and some European countries. Therefore, you can access 1Win only through the official mirrors of 1Win.

Mirror for visiting the 1WIN page

As you know, the RKN blocks the official website 1win , but this does not mean that access to this resource is completely limited. The 1Win company publishes several official mirrors on their social networks every week, including Also, if you are already a registered user, then you will receive letters from 1WIN with their official mirrors in the mail.

It is worth noting that the 1WIN mirror simplifies the game process. Firstly, due to stable blocking of the official website of 1 wine, during the game, system failures may occur and your bet will not be accepted. If we consider mirrors, then no one blocks them, so you can freely access all the features of 1Win, such as:

Sports betting 1WIN

Casino 1 WIN

Slots 1win

Online cinema 1WIN 

How to find the official 1Win mirror? 

There are several ways to find official 1WIN mirrors, the easiest way is to go to the official 1WIN telegram channel, where the administration publishes more than ten working mirrors daily. Also, you can find up-to-date mirrors at 1win partner sites, such as this site. Also, if you are a registered user, then 1WIN sends you email messages daily with a list of current mirrors. If you do not receive these emails, you can activate this service in your 1win profile, 1win does not charge any additional fee for this service. It is worth noting that in addition to the telegram channel of 1 wine, mirrors are also published in the rest. social networks of the platform, including the VKontakte group. Beware of fraudulent mirrors 1vin, which can often come across in search engines. 

Mirror 1WIN for mobile devices 

Also, through the mirror it is possible to play from mobile phones. All 1 win mirrors are optimized for any mobile devices and tablets. You do not have to download third-party software and even the 1VIN mobile application, the mirror interface is almost the same as the mobile application interface. It is worth noting that all the data that you enter, including the data of a bank card and payment methods, will be protected from any leaks, so you don’t have to worry about disclosing your data to 1VIN.

If you still decide to go to the official website of 1 wine or your mirror has stopped working, then you can use a VPN or proxy. To do this, you need to download special programs and go to the official website of 1VIN.


What is the difference between a 1 wine mirror and an official 1 wine website?

Mirror bk 1vin completely repeats the design and functionality of the official website. Moreover, it allows you to enter the site absolutely legally and not use a third-party bypass program. The only difference from the official site is different domain names, which does not affect the performance of 1WIN in any way.

Can I trust payment information on the 1VIN mirror?

All mirrors are protected and cannot be hacked. All information you submit to 1WIN will remain confidential.

How to open a 1VIN mirror on a mobile device

Often, not everyone will be able to download the 1win application for various reasons, perhaps you have little free space on your phone or your phone does not support your device, for this there are mirrors adapted for mobile devices. They completely repeat the design and functionality of the mobile application, this is done so that your traffic is not spent on unnecessary advertisements, as in the web version of the 1WIN website.

Will the winnings be paid through the 1WIN mirror?

Many players mistakenly believe that if a bookmaker is illegal in Russia, then it is a fraudulent organization, but 1WIN has a Curacao license, so if you play on the official mirror of 1win, then be sure that you will receive your winnings.

Can 1WIN mirror be blocked?

Through the mirror, you can officially play in a bookmaker, but mirrors, like the official website of 1win, are often blocked by the RKN, do not worry, your 1WIN account will remain under a reliable level of protection and you can continue playing on any other mirror

Does registration on the 1VIN mirror differ?

The process of registration in 1 wines remains the same simple, it is no different from registration on the official website.

Are there fraudulent mirrors?

Not all 1WIN mirrors are fake, many create similar sites and ask them for 1WIN, although it has nothing in common with the given bookmaker. Therefore, be careful and choose only official 1 WIN mirrors.

Protection of personal data in 1WIN?

The reason for the worries of many players is the transfer of personal data across many sites, but do not worry, 1VIN stores all personal data of players in a single database that is protected from cyber attacks.

1WIN mirror technical support 

Despite the fact that 1VIN is blocked in Russia, support on the mirror does not differ from support on the official website of 1VIN, the technical service quickly processes incoming requests and supports 17 languages, including Russian

Why is 1 wine blocking the official site?

Problems with logging into the 1vin site can occur not only for users from Russia, but also for users of the CIS countries. This is due to the fact that only bookmakers are allowed in the territory of these states, on 1VIN users also have the opportunity to play casinos, spin slots, watch online movies. But this does not mean that 1WIN is an unreliable bookmaker, more than 1000 people use the platform every day.

Why should I use mirror 1 vin?

Thanks to 1WIN mirrors, users have the opportunity of a casino, including 1WIN poker games, roulette and 1WIN slots. It is worth noting that 1Win has a Curacao license, so all slots have been tested for a random number generator, so everyone can win.

Are jackpots paid out when playing through the 1WIN mirror?

For more than 10 years of work, the 1WIN company has paid out dozens of jackpots and does not restrict users from withdrawing money.

How to enter the official website of BC 1WIN?

To go not to the mirror, there are two ways, the first is to download a VPN, the second is the 1WIN mobile application for Android and IOS.

Why are mirror domains different?

Every day, 1WIN releases more than 10 mirrors so that all players can play comfortably, so it is impossible to have a single domain name.

Can I use 1WIN bonuses and free bets on the mirror?

All bonus accounts and your cash account will be saved on all mirrors at the same time, since 1 WIN has a single database that is protected from hacker attacks.

Mirror 1WIN does not work, what should I do?

In rare cases, it may happen that the 1WIN mirrors that you play consistently on may not work. In this case, you should not panic, but you just need to go to the official 1WIN group on VK or find their telegram channel, where actual mirrors for playing 1WIN are published daily.

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