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In this article, we will analyze what opportunities 1Win gives to its customers as part of sports betting. Let's analyze the main concepts, in 1 wine you can. place bets not only on the outcome of matches, but also on various events that take place in a given match.

Outcomes at 1WIN bookmaker? 

In this article, we will analyze what opportunities 1Win gives to its customers as part of sports betting. 

Let's analyze the main concepts, in 1 wine you can bet not only on the outcome of matches, but also on various events that occur in this match. What types of bets are there in 1WIN?

Main line 

this is a bet on the most obvious outcomes of an event in 1WIN, the victory of one of the teams or a draw. This rate is characterized by the following abbreviations B 1WIN:

  • P1 - victory of the first team (Or just 1) 

  • P2 - victory of the second team (Or just 2) 

  • X - draw

Events with x in 1win

1WIN also allows you to bet on events with X. What this means is that you can bet on a draw or a win for one of the teams at the same time, so if your favorite draws with the opponent, then you win anyway. But it is worth noting that the odds for a clear win and a win with a draw in 1 WIN will be different. There is also a rate - "12". Which means the victory of the first or second team, but in case of a draw, you lose. 

Handicap or handicap in 1win

This is one of the ways to increase the odds for an event that provides 1 VIN. For example, you would like to bet on the outcome of an event for the Portuguese national football team of Cameroon. Obviously, 1WIN will give a small odds for the victory of the Portuguese team. To increase the odds for Portugal to win, you can choose how much advantage your favorite will win. This will be called a negative handicap. For example, "handicap -2" for Portugal means that France must win by 2 or more goals. If Portugal wins 2-0; 3:1, 4:2, etc., then 1vin will return your bet money, but if Portugal wins with a gap of more than 2 goals, 1vin will calculate the bet according to the set odds. There is also a positive handicap, it shows with what gap the team you have chosen can lose, using the Portugal match as an example, you can bet on Cameroon with a +2 handicap. Which means that if Cameroon loses by no more than 2 goals, your bet will win. 1Win also offers the possibility of betting with a zero handicap. Such outcomes are called "Asian Handicap". For example, if you suppress Portugal with a handicap of 0, if the team wins, you will win, in case of a draw, 1vin will return your money. It is the return of money in case of a draw that distinguishes the main line from the zero handicap in 1win. in case of a draw, 1vin will refund your money. It is the return of money in case of a draw that distinguishes the main line from the zero handicap in 1win. in case of a draw, 1vin will refund your money. It is the return of money in case of a draw that distinguishes the main line from the zero handicap in 1win. 

Totals in 1Win 

Total is a set of events in matches. Depending on the sport, events may differ, in football for example, you can bet on the total of goals scored, the number of corners, the number of yellow cards, penalties, red cards and so on. In saki total, you can bet over or under, for example, total over 2 goals, which means that two or more goals will be scored in the match. 

Alternative outcomes in 1win

In addition to the common types of bets, 1Win can offer such outcomes as who will start the match first, who will get the next point, whether there will be a removal, whether the match will take place, the result of each individual period of the game or half. Also in 1WIN there are Yes/No bets, For example, "Will the hosts win both halves?" 

Rates in 1 wine

As with most bookmakers, users have the option to combine and connect multiple events in one bet. Below we will analyze what opportunities 1 win gives in sports betting 

Ordinaries in 1 wine

All types of bets that we have described above are bets on one event and this is called ordinary. That is, if you have chosen one outcome in one match and bet money on this outcome. It is worth noting that within one event you can choose only 1 outcome on which you want to bet. But 1Win provides the opportunity to collect several events in one bet, so you collect Express. 

Express 1 wine

The main rule of Express is that all events win. If at least one event in the accumulator is lost, then the entire accumulator will learn as lost and 1win will not pay out your winnings. In express, you can dial any events that 1WIN offers. For example, you can choose both outcomes of the main line and totals and odds at the same time. However, the main thing is that the matches on which you bet in 1win are different, within the same match you will not be able to collect an accumulator bet. If you have collected several matches for one bet, then the coefficients of these events are multiplied, For example, you have chosen 3 events with a coefficient of 2.0, so your total coefficient will be 6.0, if all three events win, 1win will pay you the winnings with this coefficient. 

Systems in 1Win. 

The system is a way to minimize your risks in 1WIN. Let's imagine that you have chosen 3 events and bet 900 rubles on the 2/3 system. Thus, if only 2 out of 3 matches are played in the system, 1win will calculate the winnings offered by the odds of the events won, if only 1 event is played, then you will not receive a win, if all 3 events win, then you will be calculated the winnings multiplied by us all 3 coefficient. It is also possible to install larger systems, for example 3/6, 5/9 and so on. 

How to choose an outcome in 1win? 

1Win has a user-friendly interface. To add an event to the basket, just click on the odds. Next, you type the required number of events, all events are displayed on the left side of the 1win website. After you have finished selecting events and adding them, you need to choose what you want to bet, single, express or system, then enter the amount and click on the bet button. Then you will have to observe your events. 1Viin allows you to watch matches live. 


Can 1WIN withhold payment for the won Express? 

The company may ask you to verify your identity if you did not do this at the beginning of registration on 1vin. However, no one will illegally withhold your winnings if you did not violate the rules of the 1vin game, for example, you played from two game accounts, which is prohibited. 

What is the maximum odds for a 1win bet? 

1 WIN does not limit the user in the set of coefficients, you can collect coefficients above 100, but it is worth remembering that the higher the coefficient, the lower your chances of winning, however, daily in 1vin players win bets with a coefficient of 200 and even 300. But it is worth noting that in the bookmaker's office 1 wines there is a maximum bet (in monetary terms) and for each match, this bet may differ, depending on the odds and how many players bet on this event. 

How many events must be played in the 1 Win accumulator to calculate the bet? 

In order for your parlay to win, all selected events must win, otherwise 1 win will be credited to you as a loss. However, you can always install the system if you are not sure of the outcome of all events. 

Which bets are safer to place in 1win?

The simplest and most effective type of 1-win bet is the single on the main line of the event. That is, you bet on the victory, draw or loss of the selected team. Thus, if your bet wins, 1win will multiply the bet money by the selected coefficient and credit it to your game balance, from which you can freely withdraw in any way convenient for you. This type of bet is the least risky, since you choose from only 3 outcomes and the percentage of your winnings is much higher than if you, for example, bet on accumulator bets. 

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